Easy Does It on Soho Radio 3/25/23
Easy Does It on Soho Radio 2/25/23
Easy Does It on Soho Radio (recorded at P.I.T.) 1/28/23
Easy Does It on Soho Radio 12/25/22

woo - love on other planets

shelleyan orphan - melody of birth

dead can dance - as the bell rings the maypole spins

ilous - comme les autres

yoko ono - listen, the snow is falling

strawberry switchblade - beautiful end

mad scene - aganopolis

red red meat - welcome christmas

gene clark - with tomorrow

pisces - dear one

joel fajerman - holiday village

mari natsuki - 媚薬

jeanette - porque te vas

free street - hey! hey! hey!

dwight thopson - my woman is calling

roxy - good for me

bimbo jet - love ship

patricia botton - disco

risque - the girls are back in town

premiere classe - tous les jours

tabea blumenschein - stille nacht goes disco

the red crayola - born in flames

madeleine uzho - satisfied

djeneba - better day

soho - hippychick

p. lion - happy children (instrumental)

wham! - last christmas

ginni gallan - j'arrête pas la musique

cory daye - green light

patrice rushen - watch out

ellen - stay

frank chickens - cheeba cheeba chimpira

artefact - m.a.e.

sound on sound - depression

woo - the frog's fandango

Soho Radio: 11/27/22

blue gene tyranny - leading a double life

angel bat dawid - destination (dr. yusef lateef)

diane denoir - mirate los ojos

bohannon - it's time for peace

bohannon- happiness

maxine nightingale - life has just begun

tamiko jones - let it flow

suzanne menzel - i feel it starts again

gb and the tracks - my kind of woman

carol hahn - do your best

treo- demands decrease desire

akabu - watch yourself

scritti politti - wood beez

pas de deux + big band - rendez-vous

stephanie wells - watcha gonna do

edith bliss - heart of stone

luke - multi-synth

belle epoque - bamalama

manuel gomes - jelivra bo situacon

marisa rossi - cinturao de fogo

fifty foot hose - rose

emahoy tsege mariam gebru - homesickness

brigitte fontaine - comme a la radio

medico doktor vibes - diska limba man

this mortal coil - mr. somewhere

dip in the pool - on retinae (west version)

the invisible girls - yeah yeah yeah

lena platonos - eμιγκρέδες tης pουμανίας

valerie dore - get closer

ray vista - don't let it go

pigbag - hit the 'o' deck

catherine muturi - reggae jam boogie

arthur verocai - sylvia

Soho Radio: 10/30/22

asha puthli - the devil is loose

battiato - fenomenologia

the stranglers - all roads lead to rome

tonic - marylin en jean

telepathic - we are telepathique

jullan - imaginary doll

eurythmics - take me to your heart

chris & cosey - morning

severed heads - mount

pale saints - way the world is

twice as much - play with fire

daniela casa - motocross

daisy door - du lebst in deiner welt

catherine ribeiro + alpes - jusqu'à ce que la force de t'aimer me manque

rodier-gauthier - tu viendras

christine pilzer - dracula

c.a. quintet - cold spider

the calico wall - i'm a living sickness

fatal microbes - violence grows

lydia lunch - spooky

comateens - ghosts

ghosts of dance - ghosts of dance

robert görl - mit dir.

clan of xymox - medusa

deux filles - the snow falls and the village is overflowing with children

amina - habibi

le club - un fait divers et rien de plus

bill nelson - the crystal escalator in the palace of god department store

chérèze - je danse encore

siouxsie & the banshees - switch

figure study - lesson one

air - empty house

savant - the radio

visage - the damned don't cry

haruomi hosono - シャンバラ通信

yello - lost again

Soho Radio: 10/2/22

annie hart - context of time

the roches - losing true

flaming tunes - breast stroke

cocteau twins - those eyes, that mouth

cindy lee - operation

hermine - torture

jackie o motherfucker - everyday

opal - my only friend

liza ngwa - n'kirre

cristina - quando a policia chegar

dhaima - don't feel no way

african head charge - some bizarre

red rose - passion can ration version

norma white - i want your love

masumi hara - 月と星のドンチャ

a r kane - a love from outer space

avantgarde de luxe - x=y

niagra - les amants

hugh masekela - don't go lose it baby

ava luna - hold u

mariah - shisen

his name is alive - if july

lula e lailson - valsa dos cogumelos

dan hicks & his hot licks - i scare myself

mendrugo - atapuerquillo

osamu - back street to paradise

ann steel - my time

ray lynch - celestial soda pop

Soho Radio: 9/4/22

sonic boom - ecstacy in slow motion

hugo largo - fancy

hiroshi yoshimura - creek

alice coltrane - er ra

mulatu astatke - asmarina

batsumi - emampondweni

aparecida - 17 anos

conjunto latinos - koemanoe sani

claudja barry - why must a girl like me

lorna g - ooh baby

grace jones - i've seen that face before

brendy stringer - come to me (i'm feeling down)

maxine singleton - don't you love it

evelyn king - betcha she don't love you

the cool notes - momentary vision

gaby lang - 1-2-3 o'clock

beverly glenn-copeland - la vita

soul ii soul - missing you

samantha rose - in the dark

luli, lucinha e o bando - dourado da manha

arabi - times three

shades of joy - icarus revealed

sun ra & his solar arkestra - love in outer space

steven halpern - virgo

rita lee & tutti frutti - agora e moda

rhetta hughes - light my fire

the voices of east harlem - right on be free

jennifer warren - i am waiting

twinkle - golden lights

j mcfarlane's reality guest - i am a toy

orange disaster - something's got to give

rah band - clouds across the moon

Soho Radio: 8/7/22

joyce - baracumbara

marcia griffiths - tell me now

lumumba - ahoma trofo (telephone)

lynsey de paul - season to season

jenny nevasco - sweet love

cassandra - be the one

mike anthony - love and understanding

isabelle antena - how can they tell

miharu koshi - l'amor toujours

surface - falling in love

ouida and the numbers - yeah yeah yeah

kermitt - flick my switch

berntholer - the choice

writhing squares - astral trane

weak signal - i'm a fire

the flowers - (life) after dark

room 101 - tokyo nights

the roomates - evade

the praetors - lipstick

amelie morin - jim

nancy sinatra - how does that grab you, darling?

cliche - blue bird

cherry laine - everybody knows it

roetoe - you're the reason

tantra - hills of katmandu

the sparks - when i'm with you

eartha kitt - where is my man

valerie dumas - une glace avec deux boules

elia y elizabeth - alegria

luzy f. - hunioco

rachel sweet - it's so different here

gal costa - o gosto do amor

yanti bersaudara - lembur kuring

deniece williams - free

The Lot Radio: 5/30/18

broadcast and the focus group - the be colony
kevin ayers - town feeling
amen dunes - song to the siren
spacemen 3 - 2.35
the bevis frond - hurt goes on
dwight twilley band - sleeping
damon & naomi - e.t.a.
oscar sulley & the uhuru dance band - bukom mashie
aztec camera - oblivious
telephone - le garcon d’ascenseur
the selecter - celebrate the bullet
vivien goldman - launderette
bohannon - can you feel it
scritti politti - confidence
kraftwerk - transistor
alemayehu eshete - wetander negn
davy graham - both sides now
comus - in the lost queen’s eyes
the legendary pink dots - i love you in your tragic beauty
nocturnal projections - another year
cynthia dall - lion becomes dragon
suburban lawns - cowboy
saada bonnaire - this is a man’s man’s world
polyrock - slow dogs
the magnetic fields - tokyo a go-go
las malas amistades - ya no quiero
x-ray spex - germ free adolescents
catherine ribeiro + alpes - roc alpin
bill nelson - tender is the night
ryuichi sakomoto - thatness & thereness
social climbers - western world
roxy music - mother of pearl

The Lot Radio: 4/11/18

penguin cafe orchestra - the penguin cafe single
mekons - i can't find my money
the raincoats - shouting out loud
sandii & the sunsetz - open sesame
herbie mann - hijack
the funkees - cool it down
shocking blue - i'm a woman
malaria - eifersucht-jealousy
saada bonaire - your touch
altered images - bring me closer
the brothers johnson - let's swing
robert palmer - johnny & mary
ashra - bamboo sands
jombo - squeeze me
gems odyssey - what is funk
roy ayers - hey uh what you say come on
cristina - don't be greedy
the dance -dubbin down
the passions - (don't talk to me)i'm shy
amy bolton - do me a favor
the androids - love dance
chris & cosey - exotika
bohannon - the funky reggae
daniela casa - grosse cilindrate
china doll - jade
faust - lauft...heisst das es lauft oder es kommt bald...lauft
deux filles - l'intrigue
the creatures - miss the girl
y pants - obvious
martha & the muffins - swimming
the hygrades - keep on moving
r. stevie moore - conflict of interest
opal - magick power

The Lot Radio: 2/13/2018

everything but the girl - slice of life
rainy day - sloop john b
john paul sartre experience - loving grapevine
unrest - i do believe you are blushing
laurie anderson - sharkey’s day
durutti column - without mercy 2
arthur - valentine grey
herbie mann & joao gilberto - one note samba
isabelle antena - seaside week-end
al stewart - year of the cat
chris stamey - instant karma
slapp happy - heading for kyoto
robert lester folsom - my stove’s on fire
vic goddard - stop that girl
bill nelson - do you dream in color
omd - of all the things we’ve made
the chills - this is the way
air - dead bodies
the scene is now - pinwheel
the wild poppies - walkabout
the mighty lemon drops - one by one
the clean - the blue
yaz - nobody’s diary
flowers - confessions
tuxedomoon - 59 to 1
saada bonaire - little sister
jona lewie - vous et moi
the rumour - frozen years
look blue go purple - hiawatha
family fodder - warm
kevin coyne - hello judas
felt - dark red birds
catherine ribeiro + alpes - dingue

The Lot Radio: 10/18/2017

durutti column - messidor
his name is alive - we hold the land in great esteem
magnetic fields - tokyo a go-go
joe jackson - it’s different for girls
rain parade - kaleidoscope
the servants - fear eats the soul
david kilgour - wooden floor
cosmos - sudden storms are normal
oh-ok - guru
human switchboard - book on looks
the stones - fad world
simply saucer - bullet proof nothing
royal trux - junkie nurse
mecca normal - normal
the raincoats - shouting out loud
bevis frond - lights are changing
peter jeffries - electricity
chris knox - lapse
scrawl - charles
game theory - room for one more, honey
martha & the muffins - chemistry
the passions - man on the tube
after the fire - one rule for you
y pants - magnetic attraction
sonic youth - shadow of a doubt
cannanes - seatbelt
michael yonkers band - returning
the renderers - a touch of evil
robyn hitchcock - the cars she used to drive
mike rep & the quotas - this island earth
val stoeklein - color her blue
twinkeyz - sweet nothing
unrest - when it all comes down
thinking fellers union local #282 - motorin’ flarey jenkins
this heat - s.p.q.r.