Clean Forgot Radio: June 27, 2017

mecca normal - clatter
the particles - observations
y pants - untitled
terrible truths - mixed feelings
nocturnal projections - understanding
psychic ills - east
the creepers - baby's on fire
martha & the muffins - chemistry
gal costa - sebastiana
meat puppets - look at the rain
blood sausage - what law am i breaking now
bored games - joe 90
little claw - feeding you
cyclops - falling golden
queen meanie puss - glass hole pit
ego summit - fuck the clock
magik markers - body rot
plagal grind - yes jazz cactus
tall dwarfs - come inside
them - my lonely sad eyes
the church - it's no reason

Clean Forgot radio: June 20, 2017

roedelius - etoiles
the durutti column - nine years
able tasmans - the theory of continual disappointment
nikki sudden & dave kusworth - shame for the angels
heavenly - i’m not scared of you
anika - he needs me
pcpc - i know (you)
bruce haack - ancient mariner
the raincoats - no one’s little girl
the urinals - black hole
the slits - instant hit
orange juice - lovesick
robert lester folsom - written in your hair
the mo-dettes - sparrow
pylon - feast on my heart
biff bang pow! - love & hate
harmonia - dino
39 clocks - a look into you

Clean Forgot Radio: June 13, 2017

the the - this is the day
the servants - people going places
broadcast - tears in the typing pool
america - lonely people
the pretty things - the good mr square
miaow - fate
100 flowers - i don’t own my own heart
x - i must not think bad thoughts
rosa yemen - rosa vertov
ludus - howling comique
can - turtles have short legs
milk music - crosstown wanderer
tall dwarfs - two humans
the gun club - mother of earth
shocking blue - i’m a woman
the monks - i hate you
captain beefheart - tropical hot dog
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